Catherine Palmier:
Gilles Cherix:
Greg Dyke:
– Movement creates connection:
Tracy’s blues blog:


Strong boundaries, taking responsibility for your emotions and not taking responsibility for other people’s
Beautiful example of strong boundaries
Emotional labor

Gender questions in the workplace

The confidence gap. The most comprehensive, backed-by-studies, hands-on analysis of issues I face as a woman in the corporate world I’ve seen
Dispelling the myths of the gender ambition gap. BCG study about workplace culture & ambition gap
Female Career Advancement by Janice Fraser

Society questions, and Ruth’s Facebook post about it
Own. Apologize. Repair. Article about shame, guilt and emotional labor.
This is emotional labor, and how girls/women are trained to do it.
Micro-aggressions, intersectionalism, racism, accommodating
accommodating, Schroedinger’s rapist, racism vs. sexism
– #FeministFridays – weekly Newsletter by a Googler full of links and gifs about anything related to gender inequality, rape culture, etc. Ask me to forward it to you if you’re interested.


Dance Community
Laura Chieko asks for safe spaces resources (sorry, only visible to her friends)
Dance Slumps/Plateaus


Animation showing the evolution of western dance music:


Everything is awful and I’m not ok – questions to ask before giving up
hyperbole and a half
– simple and not money-centered self care methods
– subtle signs of depression

Squatty Potty
Sea Sponge Tampons:


Corpus of contemporary American English
structured procrastination


So You are Thinking of Doing a PhD … take this simple test
How to understand your INTJ (e.g. me)
Surprising health and wealth distribution stats beautifully presented
Squatty Potty
My favorite Human of New York
Everything about cheese