Vera started dancing Salsa when she was sixteen, and has since then discovered and learned many other partner dances. Her first contact with Blues dancing was during her exchange year in the States in 2011, and she fell in love with following and the closed embrace connection. From then on, she’s travelled all over Europe and the US to study the Blues dances, fascinated by the variety of musical styles that create ever-new conversations expressing a full rainbow of emotions in the dance partnership.

She believes that body awareness is the most important skill for dancers, because it brings her joy of movement and freedom to express herself, contributing to the dance conversation and giving her a more direct way of experiencing and understanding her partner’s movement. As a teacher, she shows a passion for language and its impact on people, community and learning. Through the combination of playfulness and an analytical mind, she wants to share dance as a safe space to explore, experiment and express different ways of being. She is a certified instructor of the Franklin method®, which combines results from the learning sciences, dynamic imagery and the study of anatomy and biomechanics. Those techniques bring improved movement and a healthier function of the body and mind together, both for dancing and everyday life.